Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

The CBT Course is the first step to two wheels and must, by law, be taken by any new rider before they ride on the road using ‘L’ plates. You have to be at least 16 years old to ride a 49 cc machine and 17 years old to ride a 125 cc scooter/motorcycle. Don’t worry if you have never ridden before as the CBT course is aimed at complete novices with no experience at all.

Element A


An overview of CBT Questions on the highway code, equipment and clothing suitable for riding a motorcycle or moped
How to select the right equipment for you and the costs involved and an eyesight check

Element B

The Motorcycle

Motorcycle controls, Basic safety checks and use of the stands
Wheeling the motorcycle and braking to stop
Starting and stopping the engine

Element C

Practical on-site riding

In this element you’ll begin riding a motorcycle, Riding in a straight line and stopping, Riding slowly, Riding a figure of eight, U-turns, Using the brakes, Changing gear, Emergency stop, Rear observation and Turning left and right

Element D

Briefing prior to on-road training

Having carried out theory and practical training off-road, your instructor will now brief you for the on-road element of CBT.

Being visible to other road users, Legal requirements, Vulnerability of motorcyclists, Speed, Highway Code, Anticipation, Rear observation, Road positioning, Separation distance, Weather conditions, Road surfaces, Alcohol and drugs, Attitude and Hazard perception

Element E

Practical on-road riding

This is the final element of the CBT course. You will ride out on the road with an approved instructor who will be in radio contact with you.
You will have to prove that you can cope safely with a variety of road and traffic conditions.
Expect your instructor to stop sometimes to discuss some aspects of your riding. They will also explain how the theory you have learnt should be put into practice.
Your riding will be assessed constantly by your instructor. Once they are happy you are safe to continue learning alone they will issue you with your CBT certificate.

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