In 9 out of 10 accidents, the main cause is human error – whether deliberate or accidental. During the advanced course we will help you to improve your skills in observation, planning and control, all helping to minimize errors, reducing the likelihood of you being involved in accident.

The aim of the course is to assist experienced motorcyclists to improve their riding skills and therefore increase the enjoyment they get out of motorcycling. The course seeks to encourage you to THINK about what you are doing when you are riding, to be self critical and to be able to recognize your own strengths and weaknesses.

The main objective throughout the course is that SAFETY MUST be paramount at all times, without losing the enjoyment

Who should consider taking this test?

Motorcyclists who:

Have never taken an advanced test before
Ride for work and require an occupational road risk assessment
Share a keen interest in developing their riding skills
Intend to become instructors (part two preparation)
Have just passed their L-test
Commute moped, scooter or motorbike
May be returning to motorcycling

Which Advanced Test?

At Moto Training NI we can train you to the standard required to pass any advanced test, but the most common ones are the IAM, BMF Blue Riband and RoSPA.

We have two resident BMF instructor/examiners on staff which means we can facilitate condensed training courses.

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